End of Product Lifecycle

As Cudis evolves and develops as a company, it is natural that our products go through a similar life cycle.

As you will no doubt be aware, the incredibly successful launch of our new domestic consumer unit, Titan, together with the market leaning more towards the installation of RCBOs rather than MCBs, there are a number of Cudis products that are coming to the end of their production, promotion, and subsequent distribution. Therefore, we are allowing a period of time for our valued customers to cleanse and replace the following products listed below. This will aid you to upgrade your stock to newer and more appropriate products.

The products in question are:

  • All MCU Lumo boards
  • Blue Toggle MD and MH MCBs, RCBOs, and RCDs.

Please liaise with your local area agent/BDM, or contact our excellent sales office to discuss the process, and value of compensating order required to send these products back.

This promotion of return and replacement for the above products will end on 1st September 2023, when we will no longer accept these products back at all.

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