OMAK become Cudis Agents

As one of the leading manufacturers in single phase domestic and three phase switchgear, CPN Cudis have further cemented, and futureproofed its distribution to its Northern Irish customers.

Over the past 15 years, the excellent Omak Agencies have distributed Cudis products to wholesalers in Northern Ireland, with great success. However, to improve structure, fluidity and corporate identity across the UK and Northern Ireland market; Omak and Cudis will slightly change our business relationship, with Omak becoming our sole agents in Northern Ireland.

From 1st April 2023, Omak will continue to represent and promote Cudis products to wholesalers in Northern Ireland as they have brilliantly done in the past, but with the wholesalers subsequently placing their orders directly with Cudis HQ in Bury, Manchester. Products will then be shipped directly to the customer from the UK. All prices for Cudis products will now be as per our main UK Price Lists (available from Omak), which are also published on Luckins for ease of use. This improved partnership between Omak and Cudis allows a targeted and structured approach to growing its already successful business in Northern Ireland, and allows us to progress on all of Omak’s hard work

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CPN Cudis are a specialist supplier of Consumer Units, Enclosures, Surge Protection Solutions and Circuit Protection Devices.